Past Trips

Riley Carter is a Paramedic with Gold Cross Ambulance. Riley served as the medic for a CHOICE expedition to Peru in August of 2017. She has a history of volunteering and travelling. Fortunately, Riley did not have to administer much treatment on her expedition and she had a great time!

See a slideshow of Riley’s expedition!

Ryan McConaghie accompanied the CHOICE expedition to Bolivia in July of 2017. Ryan’s experience was full of excitement, and not just in a good way. Unfortunately, the altitude in Bolivia negatively affected several of the expedition members, including Ryan! He had to be transported to El Alto Hospital and was treated for altitude pulmonary edema. Another team member on the expedition experienced the same issue and sadly spent most of his expedition in the same hospital Ryan was treated at. Thankfully, due to Ryan’s diligence, all expedition participants (and medics) returned home safely and in good health. See a slide show of Ryan’s expedition!

In August of 2017, Emily turner served as the medic on an expedition to Ecuador. She took amazing photos! The mission of her expedition was to aid in the construction of a brand new in-country CHOICE center. This center will be a valuable asset for CHOICE as they continue their fight to end poverty in Ecuador. Emily fortunately didn’t have too many ailments to attend to while on her mission. During their work on the construction, someone accidentally hit their foot with a shovel, but no permanent damage was done. Thanks for keeping the team members safe, Emily!
See a slideshow of Emily’s expedition! 

Elise Wright was the medic for the May 2017 Bolivia humanitarian mission and she had a fantastic experience. This Bolivia expedition’s goal was to help build a Dental Clinic and a school for the local villagers. Elise was totally inspired by the strength and work ethic of the Bolivian women while she worked alongside them there. As seems to be a common problem in Bolivia, one of the expeditioners suffered from altitude sickness, and a few others spent the first few days with nausea, which Elise treated appropriately. Elise’s favorite part of the entire experience was being able to use her medical expertise while also being in a new environment and learning about a different culture. She didn’t love not being able to shower for about five days, but said she would go back to Bolivia in a heartbeat!
See a slideshow of Emily’s expedition!

James Schwartz attended the November 2016 Nepal trip as the medic. James has become a vital part of the Global Medic Assist program and even returned to Nepal for another expedition in March of 2017. The work CHOICE has been doing in Nepal is mainly focused on earthquake relief and related repairs. Our medics help the expeditioners build schools and other community constructions projects. James was incredibly popular among all the team members and CHOICE leaders. He did have to treat a team member for food poisoning, but his patient recovered well and quickly after James treated him appropriately. We hope to see James accompany many more successful humanitarian missions in the future!
See a slideshow of James’ expedition!

Olga Gray was our medic for the trip to Peru in October of 2016.