Our Story

Change, Adaptation and Resurgence

In 2010, Terri Holland, founder of EMT Utah learned that the Utah Emergency Medical Training Council was closing up shop. Begun in 1982, the Utah non-profit had trained more than one million students in Utah; teaching CPR to all tenth graders in Utah and thousands more in local businesses. Funding mandated by the legislature in 1982 brought nearly $250,000 to the small organization each year. In 2010, the legislature decided to redistribute these training dollars to the Department of Education. This left UEMTC with little funding and a defunct mission.

After limping along for a few years, Terri Holland approached the board and suggested she take over as the Executive Director for $1 a year to see if she could save the beloved UEMTC. The organization continued to stay alive but life support was running short.

On April 1, 2017, the Board of Directors of the Utah Emergency Medical Training Council decided it was time for a change.  The new name, EMT Utah Volunteer Corps, and the updated mission, now focused on providing volunteers for Disaster Drills, Stand-By First Aid Stations, and the Global Medic Assist program that sends first responders to accompany non-medical humanitarian expeditions all over the world has reinvigorated the organization.