Mass Gathering Rules

Events that attract a large number of people must adequately meet a number of conditions, including specific first aid requirements.

To ensure that event organizers meet these important needs, the health department requires organizers of large events to have a mass gathering permit. A health department mass gathering permit is required in addition to any municipal permits required by the city where your event will take place. To apply for a mass gathering permit, contact the health department that is local the county in which the event will take place.

*The rules listed below are for Salt Lake County. Requirements may differ between counties. Before requesting a Standby First Aid Station, be familiar with the appropriate county requirements.

Each event shall have at least one first aid station. Additional stations may be required by the Health Department, due to the nature of the event, time of year, number of attendees and participants, risk of injuries, or other public health and safety needs.

Each first aid station shall:
1. have the ability to afford privacy to the person receiving care or treatment;
2. be sufficient in size to accommodate the required number of medical providers and the predicted number of sick or injured;
3. be strategically located, clearly marked, and identifiable from every direction as the first aid station; and
4. be easily accessible for emergency personnel and vehicles

Population Based Medical Provider Requirements

1 - 3,0002 EMTs18,001 - 20,50010 EMTs35,501 - 38,00017 EMTs
3,001 - 5,5504 EMTs20,501 - 23,00011 EMTs38,001 - 40,50018 EMTs
5,551 - 8,0005 EMTs23,301 - 25,50012 EMTs40,501 - 43,00019 EMTs
8,001 - 10,5006 EMTs25,501 - 28,00013 EMTs43,001 - 45,50020 EMTs
10,501 - 13,0007 EMTs28,001 - 30,50014 EMTs45,501 - 48,00021 EMTs
13,001 - 15,5008 EMTs30,501 - 33,00015 EMTs48,001 - 50,50122 EMTs
15,501 - 18,0009 EMTs33,001 - 35,50016 EMTs

At least two, State of Utah, licensed or certified medical providers, such as an emergency medical technician, paramedic, nurse, physician’s assistant, or medical doctor shall be present to staff each first aid station. A gathering having more than 2,500 attendees shall have at least two additional emergency medical providers for each additional 5,000 attendees or fraction thereof.

All medical staff shall have access to telephones or radios to contact 911 or the local emergency medical services. Please notify the appropriate fire department/emergency medical service of the upcoming event and comply with any additional requirements. Photo identification and current state license(s) are required to be on site at all times of the event and available for verification by the Health Department.