Board and Staff

EMT Utah Volunteer Corps Board of Directors

Terri Holland – Executive Director

Ms. Holland has acted as the (volunteer) Executive Director since 2011 when she took over the defunct Utah Emergency Medical Training Council once it had lost its legislative funding and mission to teach CPR to all tenth graders in the state. After running the organization with a new revenue model, the board decided in 2016 to change the name to EMT Utah Volunteer Corps and to reinvigorate the organization with a new mission. Ms. Holland is an entrepreneur and President of TAC Educational Services, Inc. and operates EMT Utah and the Utah CNA Training Centers.

Terry Begay – President

Erney Markisich

Tyson Astin – Global Medic Assist Team Leader, Recruiter

Tyson currently works as a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic for Sandy City. Tyson has an Associates degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services. He has been on multiple Global Medic Assist expeditions as the medic. Tyson works closely with CHOICE and others to raise donations and continually improve the Global Medic Assist Program.

Jane Hamilton – Disaster Drill Coordinator

Jane has been with EMT Utah and the Volunteer Corps since 2015. She started off working as the Volunteer Corps coordinator and eventually moved into the position of Director of Operations for both EMT Utah and Utah CNA Centers, but continues coordination for Disaster Drills.

Carole Ann Brown – Bookkeeper

Ms. Brown is the bookkeeper for the non-profit. She pays the bills, and collects donations, fills out our reporting forms for the state of Utah and the IRS. She is employed full time for TAC Educational Services, Inc. and volunteers her time to assist this non-profit with all financial matters and needs.