Global Medic Assist Program

Please read this whole page carefully before you apply!

The mission of the Global Medic Assist program is to provide certified ‘medics’ (AEMT or higher certification) to accompany NGO’s and other humanitarian organizations as they provide service to communities world-wide. Some humanitarian efforts are medical in nature, but many are not, and these non-medical expeditions are finding it more important than ever to have medics accompany them on their trips.

Our first partnership is with CHOICE Humanitarian ( a local NGO non-profit whose mission is to eliminate extreme poverty in seven countries: Nepal, Kenya, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador. Our role will be to send a medic on each of their 26-30 expeditions a year.

Eligibility – The program is open to ALL Utah First Responders with a certification level of AEMT or higher. Applicants are required to have at least six months or 1,000 hours of in-field experience at the AEMT level or higher, so newly certified AEMTs will not be immediately eligible. ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification is also required and is offered through EMT Utah. If qualified, your first action is to fill out the online application for Global Medic Assist after thoroughly reading the rest of this page. (CLICK the button below to apply)

Fees and Expenses

Qualifying Trip:  Once a medical expeditioner or medic has attended at least one qualifying trip at their expense, the candidate may apply for membership in the GMA program team. To join the GMA team a GMA candidate, certified in the state of Utah with an AEMT certification or higher is eligible to apply to attend a non-subsidized humanitarian expedition. This first trip is called a “qualifying trip” and it allows the organization to assess both the medical skills and readiness of the medic but also to assess their ability to act professionally, to work well with others, to support the mission at hand and to lead by example.

The medic candidate must pay the entire cost of a qualifying trip of $1,250 to EMT Utah Volunteer Corps at least 6 weeks before the trip date. This covers the cost of airfare and in-country travel, medical insurance, accommodations and most meals. Other costs include passport fees and other incidentals, etc.

After a qualifying trip and review, a medic may apply for the GMA program and if accepted the trips are essentially subsidized as there is no cost for the medic except passport fees and other incidentals.

Global Medic Assist Team – This is a seasoned, well-trained cadre of first responders who commit three years and at least two trips a year to the organization. Once a member of the team, the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps and CHOICE Humanitarian subsidize the entire cost of the medic’s expedition. Flights, lodging, meals, and in-country transportation are all provided  FREE to the medic. The medic is responsible for other costs, which would include miscellaneous and sundry expenses while in-country and the cost of a passport, VISA if applicable, and medical insurance (about $100). Some trips may have additional flights or tour extras that must be covered by the medic.

Providing this program is only made possible by fundraising and charitable donations. EMS workers do not make a lot of money, so it is important that this opportunity is available to those who want to donate their time but might not be able to afford it.

Some applicants who have the time and may be in a better position financially can help to keep this program afloat. If you fall in the latter category, please consider a donation to help cover the costs of qualifying trips of possible. A suggested donation of $100 can go a long way in covering the costs that the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps assumes by providing this program. Any donations beyond that can help cover costs for another medic who may not be in the same financial position.

Equipment – The EMT Utah Volunteer Corps provides the protocols, forms, and all medical supplies and equipment. Medics are welcome to supplement this equipment with any of their own supplies at their own expense.

What’s Expected – Almost all trips begin on a Saturday and end on a Saturday. Sometimes this means you leave before Saturday and perhaps arrive home on Sunday. All participants will be required to take part in all the activities and projects on the expedition. In addition, medics will be on call 24/7 to attend to any medical need of the participants. No in-country services will be provided. There may be some time set aside to teach the in-country participants First Aid and CPR.

*The EMT Utah Volunteer Corps requests photos from the medic’s expedition to support future recruitment and fundraising efforts. Medics are highly encouraged to take pictures of themselves on the expedition. Help the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps tell the story of this incredible program with photos of your adventure!

Posting on social media as a medic is absolutely encouraged! We do ask that in each post, the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps is mentioned and/or tagged. The more people know about this program, the more funds we can raise, which means more medics on trips.

Scope – Medics attend expeditions to help keep the expedition participants healthy and safe. People in-country are not covered by our medical director and therefore cannot be treated by medics sent via the Global Medic-Assist program through the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps. However, these rules do not apply in cases of major disasters, natural or otherwise, where medics are covered under Good Samaritan laws. Medics are expected to practice protocol at an AEMT level, regardless of actual certification.

Application Process – The first step to attending a trip is to apply online. Once your application is submitted, you may be invited to an interview for further vetting. At that point, you can begin submitting copies of all documents that evidence that you have met certain requirements. (CLICK the button below to apply)

Required Documentation:

  • Application (online)
  • Current background check (you can get this at BCI)
  • Copy of valid TB test – must be current
  • Copy of valid Basic Life Support CPR – AHA Basic Life Support CPR
  • Must have a current ACLS certification
  • Copy of current certifications – Must be an AEMT (at a minimum)
  • Must “like” EMT Utah and the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps on Facebook (by the time you are accepted – WHY NOT DO THIS NOW!!!)

All decisions are made by a committee of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps and those decisions are final.

Before you complete the Application please check out the available trips to indicate your preferences on the application. (See CHOICE Trips here.)

Again, once you have attended at least one qualifying trip you may contact the GMA Team Leader for consideration for the GMA team.

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